How I Organize My Poshmark Inventory

Posh Tip of the Day: Poshmark Inventory

Having an organized system for all of your inventory is KEY to running a smooth and efficient business.

On any given day, I can have any number of sales. I need to locate, pack, and ship all my items ASAP to keep my sales high and shipping time low.

I personally use reusable ziploc bags for my poshmark inventory. The first thing I do is number them. Each numbered bag has 1 item. After I put an item into its respective bag I go to the item’s listing. Under the “additional information” section of this listing, there is a place for the SKU number. Finally I type the bag number into this section. When I download my inventory report, the bag numbers are right there and I can organize my report by number. 

I use plastic bins to store my items. The items are organized in ascending order within each bin. I limit each bin to 20 items, and will label the bins to know numbers are in them. (Many items are too large for these gallon bags and so I keep them hanging on my clothing rack. )

Having a system like this makes it much easier for you to locate items you need to ship, it keeps them clean and protected, and it helps save space. An added bonus is that if you are out of town and make a sale, it is much easier for you to get someone else in your home to ship it for you! 

How do you store your inventory? Feel free to leave tips down below, or comment on my Instagram!

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