5 Things I Bought On Amazon November 2020

I know I am not the first to talk about this and I definitely will not be the last: Impulse Amazon Purchases. It is addicting. Though, I hate to admit that I rarely regret my purchases. In this post, I have linked 5 of my favorite amazon finds from November.

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Here are some of my favorites from this month 🙂 Each title is linked with the Amazon product

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Floortex Glaciermat Reinforced Glass Desk Mat 19″ x 24″

I love this desk mat because the transparency gives it a more crisp and chic look. Additionally, I am always someone who is jotting down notes so I do not forget my random thoughts. I hate using sticky notes and random paper because I feel extremely wasteful when I do. The ability to use a dry erase marker on this desk mat helps me keep track of things in an eco friendly way.

Jewelry Organizer and Display

This gold and marble jewelry organizer is a super cute way to display your most worn items. You can put it on any shelf or vanity and makes those go to pieces a little more accessible without looking messy. It also comes in black!

Metal Garment Rack with 2 Wood Shelves

I scoured the internet for many hours before purchasing another clothing rack. Initially I bought it for my dorm room so I could have some extra storage. I wanted one that was cute since it would be in public view and this ended up being the perfect fit. You can store things on the top, on the inner shelf, and underneath if you desire. I now use it when I am taking advertisement photos for my poshmark. You do put it together yourself but it is totally worth it. I am definitely going to buy another one soon.

Double Wall Glass Coffee Cups

I love coffee and everything to do with coffee. I love coffee so much I will probably make a separate post dedicated to my coffee amazon purchases. These mugs are such a cute and affordable way to get that minimalistic kitchen aesthetic. They are perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or anything your heart may desire.

BedShelfie The Original Bedside Shelf

The BedShelfie is ideal for anyone trying to save space. Almost like a floating nightstand, this shelf slides between your mattress and your bed giving you easy access to your essentials. It comes in a few different sizes, and is also great for if you work in bed (or binge watch Netflix on your computer). It also has a little slit for your chord(s) if you are charging devices at night.

If you like these amazon finds, check out my more recent amazon haul!

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