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The Pros and Cons of Lash Extensions

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When I am doing my makeup in the morning, the biggest change I see in my appearance that occurs after I curl my lashes and apply mascara. Full, long lashes pull your make up and make anyone look better. As a young dancer, I would see all the older girls put on their glue on lashes back stage and I was in awe at how much they looked resembled Disney princesses. As I got older, I was never able to master glue on lashes as much as I tried. Then I was introduced to eye-lash extensions. Over the past few years I have gotten them on and off, experiencing the pros and cons of lash extensions. In this post, my goal is to answer the most common question regarding lash extensions: are they worth it? 

The Pros of Lash Extensions:

1. Saves you a lot of time while doing make-up

When I have my lashes done, I am more likely to leave my house without wearing makeup compared to when I do not have my lashes done. I am more comfortable going bare face because with my lashes I feel constantly put together. Even when I do wear make up with these lashes, I can do my natural everyday makeup look in 5 minutes (compared to the normal 10-15 minutes) which makes my life a lot easier and gives me a few extra minutes designated for beauty sleep. Plus I no longer have to focus on curling my eyelashes out of fear of accidentally ripping them out with any sudden movement.

2. Saves make-up

This kind of goes along with my first point, but with lash extensions I feel as though my makeup routine is halfway done when I wake up. I instinctually put on less make up compared to when I do not have the lashes on. I noticeably use way less consciously though because I am not using mascara or eye liner because there is no point in doing so. If anything mascara is not advised to be worn with extensions. 

3. Unlike Mascara, lashes do not bleed

I have gone through countless types of mascaras over the years. You name it: water-proof, regular, fiber mascara, I have tried It. For me the major issue is can never find a mascara that does not bleed. With lash extensions, that problem does not occur. They look fresh and full 24/7. Bye bye mascara clumps and raccoon eyes.

4. Looks kick-ass

Need I say more?

The Cons of Lash Extensions:

1. It is expensive

I spend roughly $144 on mascara a year ($24 mascara and I get a new one every two months). A full fresh set of lashes costs $150 which is more than a years worth of mascara.

The cost of a full set and fill differs place to place. If I continue with the new lash place I found, I will spend roughly $1276 dollars every year.

(Initial Full Set = $150 and fill $65 every three weeks)

Lashes are expensive as sh!t.

2. Maintenance 

I keep a brush in my purse where-ever I go just in case I want to brush my lashes (every place I have been to gives you brushes to keep so you will not have to buy them). Additionally, it is encourage for you to blow dry and brush your lashes after you shower or tub.

If you’re going to the beach or swimming in the pool obviously you cannot do that but it has not presented a problem for me yet. For me, this is not a huge inconvenience but I understand how this might pose a problem for people. 

3. Time of getting them done

The initial full set takes roughly two hours. This is difficult for me because I cannot sit still to save my life. On top of that, you go back to get a fill every 2-4 weeks which are roughly an hour each. After you get them done you have to weight 24 hours before getting your lashes wet at all.

Final verdict:

After weighing out the pros and cons of lash extensions, I feel that if you have the money (and time), you should definitely try them. I am obsessed with how they look (although the first day I am always a little weirded out by my reflection and not sure how I feel because they are so new). Additionally, I feel more confident with them on. They make getting ready a lot less time consuming. I love how they look on me and everyone I know who has them.

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