Packaging Tips Every Reseller or Small Business Should Know

I have been selling clothes on Poshmark for almost five years now. I did not become serious about it though until two years ago. In the beginning of running my Poshmark closet, things were definitely pretty rough. I did not know how to take good photos, my pricing was terrible, and I did not have a set process for packaging my items. This bit me in the ass when I sent two packages to the opposite buyer (rookie mistake). I wish when I was just starting out that I had a list of these packaging tips for resellers because it would have helped me improve my business much earlier. It was only until after seeing all of the #poshpackages on instagram I realized it was time to up my game.

Why is packaging important?

Before we dive into the packaging tips for resellers, we need to understand why packaging is important. Your packaging is representing you and your brand. You want everything your customer receives to be at the highest quality. Shipping time, item quality, and packaging all contribute to your customers experience. A good customer experience is vital for a good rating and the chance of having a returning customer.

If you are just starting out do not worry. Not all of these tips are vital, and some of them cost a little bit of money. The goal is for your buyer to know that their item was shipped with care. If you put time into the packaging it will feel like Christmas when they open it up.


I personally ship my packages in pink polymailers. I buy mine from amazon and so they do cost money unlike the USPS ones. If you are serious about your business I highly recommend investing in these. They are super cute, make your packages look fancy, and protect your item. I personally feel like they ship much nicer than the white USPS ones that get destroyed.

Tissue Paper

You want your item to be protected! Tissue paper will not entirely protect your item but it will add structure to your package. I normally stack 2 or 3 pieces together for each item. Then, I fold the ends of them to create a little pocket and I wrap my item. This pocket allows me to add a card and stickers. Make sure you get tissue paper that is big enough for the items. A lot of the wrapping paper out there is to small to fully wrap around the item. While I primarily stick to pink and white, if you want to go the extra mile you can order customized wrapping paper online with your branding all over it.

An alternative is clear plastic bags but personally I am not a fan because that is a lot of one use plastic turning into waste.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a great way to create a connection with the buyer. You can hand write these on a card or scrap paper if you prefer, but I personally do not have the patience for that. I will print these (attached template down below) onto pink construction paper and then cut the paper into fourths and use these. By including my email, it establashes a connection and trust so if there happens to be an issue with the item they have a direct way of contacting me and it can be handled calmly.

Stickers or Freebies

A great way to make your customer’s experience special and positive, I add free stickers. I make these stickers with my cricut, two of which are fun popular stickers and the third is one with my poshmark username (rosenine). I have seen many people add scrunchies or jewelry to spice up their packages. This is not necessary but it is a great addition that is useful and fun for the buyer.

Thank You Stickers

When I wrap my item in tissue paper, I like to use these cute thank you stickers to hide the scotch tape so it gives the package a more polished look. If I am shipping with a box I will also add one or two of these to the outside to spice up the plain USPS box.

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  1. I’m thinking of selling homemade sweets and candies for business, and I need cute and appealing boxes to use as packaging and attract more customers. It’s good that you mentioned that the packaging serves as a representation of our brand, so it’s important to consider it properly if we want to promote a good customer experience. I’ll keep this in mind and look for a manufacturer to contact for my custom candy boxes soon.

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