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10 Ways To Make Your Closet Look Like A Boutique

I always love walking into a small boutique and seeing how everything is so picture perfect and aesthetically pleasing. It makes any shopper feel luxurious when they surrounded by cream collared couches, gold accents, and adorable clothing. Why not feel like that every day? In this post are 10 ways to turn your closet into a boutique that will make getting ready feel as though you’re going shopping (which releases endorphins btw).

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Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers are not as expensive as they might look and yet they’ll make your clothes feel like a million bucks. Having your hangers all one color rather than a cluster of miss matched plastic ones will make your wardrobe more fluid and easier to see everything.

Recommended Colors:  beige, pink, gold, or black. Skip loud colors to avoid distracting yourself from your clothes. Instead, think elevated, high class, and/or soothing.

Clothing Rack

A clothing rack is typical of any boutique. When I say clothing rack I mean an aesthetically pleasing one rather than just a metal bar. A clothing rack is great if you have limited closet space because they provide extra storage and can make certain pieces more accessible.

Table For Folding 

In almost all boutiques are sweaters folded on tables. Yes it’s for easy access for shoppers, but it also helps you see everything you have without stretching out your knits on hangers. A simple consol or coffee table can make sweaters look nicer and  last longer!

You can also use coffee table books to give it a more expensive look.

Shoe Display

Spice up your shoe organization by stacking your shoes up on a pretty bookshelf or shoe rack. Just to clarify, when I say shoe rack, I do NOT mean a flimsy over the door one or an ugly one for the garage.

Don’t forget your boot shape holders either! This will instantly elevate your boots.

Jewelry Display

Your jewelry should be easy to see and grab so you can easily accessorize your look on the way out of the door.

Pretty trays, glass boxes, jewelry stands, and mannequin hands are all great ways to organize and display your jewelry. A great home for these elegant displays is on a nice bookshelf or a console table. You can also separate them by metal if you have an expansive jewelry collection.

Another good home for this display Is on your vanity if you have one.

Sunglass Stand

If you are anything like me, you probably have more sunglasses than you would like to admit. To keep your glasses organized and scratch free, a good sunglass display is essential. Luckily there are a variety of types that fit peoples needs. For example, if you do not own many pairs you can opt out for laying them out on a table or using a smaller display.

Hats On Hooks

If you are short on space organize your hats on the wall. Not only is this such cute decoration, it helps you keep track of all your hats and easily pick which one you want to use to accessorize.

Statement Rug

Almost all boutiques have a good statement rug. This is totally a personal choice but I would recommend using this to add texture to your space. The texture can be through an intricate pattern on the rug or through the physical texture of it. Leopard print rugs or fuzzy white ones are chic and adorable.


Another great addition to complete the boutique feel would be a nice chair. This chair really gives off the feeling of being in a store and should be one that has a nice soft fabric. It is great if you need to put on heels or if you have a friend over while you are getting ready. A bench or couch are also great alternatives although they might be on the pricier side.

Full Body Mirror

I mean DUH! What clothing store on the planet does not have mirrors? My favorite mirrors are the ones that lean against the wall because I personally find them great for mirror selfies.

Obviously, you do not need to complete all of these tips to turn your closet into a boutique. Hopefully within these 10 ways to make your closet look like a boutique I gave enough options that to fit different peoples needs. All of these tips abide to different budgets and I am sure there are even cheaper alternatives to some of the items I linked. For example, if you do not want to splurge on the bigger furniture or rugs, thrift stores and facebook market place are great resources. In conclusion, your closet is unique to you. My goal is to help you customize your closet in a way that makes a simple every day task feel luxurious and empowering.

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