Things I Bought Off Amazon This Week 1/10/21 – 1/17/21

If you are anything like me, you spend way too much money and time on amazon. I am currently living in a dorm and it is difficult for me to get off campus and go to the store so I tend to rely on Amazon. I personally love seeing other people’s amazon hauls because I will find items I did not realize that I needed so I thought I would share mine! Each week I will be sharing my new amazon must haves.

A lot of items in here I find especially useful since I am living in a dorm during a pandemic so I might create a separate post shortly about Amazon finds that are ideal for college or boarding school students. Additionally, I might dedicate a post solely to tik tok amazon must haves.

I do want to add a disclaimer that I recently signed up for the amazon affiliate thing (not gonna lie I do not fully understand it, all I know is with the amount of stuff I buy I have become pretty informed on items worth your while). The links in here are affiliate links but I have not and will not recommend anything I have not bought myself and enjoyed.

If you are interested in what items I think are NOT worth your money, leave a comment down below!

Boot Shapers

I do not know how I have gone so long without these boot shapers. I wear boots almost every day in the winter and spring and having these keep my boots crease free and organized.

Olaplex Shampoo and Condition

I will recommend Olaplex till the day I die. If you want to see more products that saved my hair check out this post!

Fake Collar

I cannot take credit for finding this… tik tok made me buy it.

Paula’s Choice Back Spray

This is great for people who get back acne from their sports bras or whatever the cause may be. Since it is a spray it can get all those hard to reach places.

Paula’s Choice BHA and AHA

I love Paula’s choice if you could not tell. This is my second time buying these, the first time I bought the travel size since I was not sure if I would like them. Because these together are both $50 I would recommend trying out the smaller size first.

Turbie Twist

Once again, another product that saved my hair.

Resistance Bands

I got these for the days that I want to get a quick workout in but I do not want to make the trek to the gym AND wear a mask while doing it. These come with a pamphlet of different work outs and are great for all levels.

Over The Sink Strainer

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