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Why Your Hair Is Stringy and Damaged

…and How to Fix It

Stringy, dull hair is not #hairgoals. Nothing is worse than when you brush your hair, fresh out of the shower, and your hair stretches out and coils up with each brushstroke. I have thin blonde hair that I recently dyed for the first time. Even prior to getting it colored, I have struggled with stringy hair. My thin hair was lifeless, stringy, oily at the top, and splitting at the bottom.

First you need to understand the two main contributors of stringy hair: fine hair and oily hair. Fine hair becomes easily tangled and separated resulting in a stringy appearance. Oily hair exacerbates this appearance due to the excess sebum (oils) coating the individual strands. No need to fear, there are a few things that you can do to cure stringy hair.

“What am I doing wrong” you may ask? Keep reading to see all the common mistakes that cause stringy hair and to find out how to solve them. If you like this post you should definitely also check out my post on the 3 products that saved my hair.

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1. You are showering right before bed

I am not a morning person, and so I always shower at night. For years I would shower, rip through the knots in my hair, and jump into bed. What I did not know, is that since hair is most fragile when it is wet, me tossing and turning all night with damp hair was maximizing the damage.

Solution: Shower early enough that your hair will have time to air dry or blow dry it on low heat before bed.

2. You are brushing your hair while it is still wet

Your hair is most prone to breakage when it is wet. Because of this, if you are brushing your hair in this state it is extremely easy for your hair strands to break and split. For people prone to tangles, this may propose a problem.

Solution: If you are prone to knots like me I have 2 recommendations. First, brush your hair thoroughly right before you shower. Second, when you are in the shower (gently) comb your hair with a wide tooth comb whle your conditioner is in your hair.

3. You have gone too long without a haircut

When your ends split, the best way to combat them is a trim. If you go months without dealing with them, the split ends will only spread and split up your hair higher and higher.

To figure out what length is ideal for your hair, keep an eye on your hair throughout the day. During the midday hours, check your hair to see it changes. You will likely notice that at the ends your hair has started to separate and making it appear stringy. The hollow ends of your hair need to go. Choose a cut that takes your hair shorter than this point.

You can also take preventative measures to help combat this breakage. Olaplex no.3 is an effective way to help slow down and treat this issue.

4. You are using a plastic brush

If you are prone to staticy dry hair in the morning, plastic is the culprit. Okay well plastic is not the culprit but it certainly worsens the situation. This is because plastic is non-conductive, making your hair more staticky. When this occurs your hair appears dry, dull, and stringy.

Solution: Swap out your plastic bursh/comb with a wooden or metal brush.

5. Your shower is too hot

Showering with hot water strips away many of your hair’s natural oils. This will result in dry, limp hair that will soon look oily on at the root and fraying at the bottom. Additionally, hot showers can dry out your face as well.

Solution: Sticking to short, lukewarm showers and rinsing your conditioner out with cold water will help lock in moisture.

6. You are not using the right shampoo and conditioner

If you have fine hair, finding a shampoo and conditioner made for your hair type is especially important. Same goes for oily hair people. If you are using a conditioner targeted more towards coarser hair, this can result in the product weighing down your hair and looking greasy. Shampoos and conditioners described as hydrating or moisturizing are often times for thicker hair so make sure you are fully reading labels.

Solution: Find a (paraben and sulfate free) shampoo and conditioner formulated for fine, stringy hair. If you have oily hair, use a proper Oily Hair Shampoo that effectively removes all residues from your hair without disrupting your hair’s natural balance. 

A multi-vitamin shampoo is also a great addition to your hair routine.

7. You are using too much conditioner

While conditioners are a must, a little goes a long way. They are great for adding much needed moisture and improving the overall texture of your hair. If you use to much this can result in the top of your head looking greasy, flat, and limp.

Solution: NEVER apply conditioner to your roots. Focus on the ends of your hair which need the most moisture, and try not to apply the product any hair than mid length.

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