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My Current Aritzia Must-Haves

Unfortunately, this is not a paid post nor is it sponsored in any way. Aritzia if you are seeing this, please sponsor me. I spend way too much money at Aritzia, it is my holy grail. I love the quality and comfort of every piece I have bought from here. This Canadian brand has yet to fail me. You can see me rave about it in my post about the best loungewear stores and items. Aritzia is not cheap though. I am here to share my current Aritzia must-haves that are worth every penny. These are my essentials, my go-to, my items that never fail me. I will say it was difficult to narrow this list down to a few items but I did it. Here are my top 5 Aritzia must-haves.

Melina Leather Pant

I am sure you have seen these all over TikTok or Instagram but if not let me open your eyes to the beauty that is these pants. I first bought the black pair and fell in love with them instantly. Since then I bought them in 3 other girls (sorry not sorry). Here are some photos of me wearing black and chestnut-colored pants. I also have the dark green and cream-colored ones. I got these in size 0 and they fit really well. They will keep you warm but are also not too thick. These high-waisted pants are VEGAN leather which is another major bonus. There is nothing not to love about these pants.. except maybe the price. They are $148 but I promise you will not find a better pair of vegan leather pants.. or even real leather. These might take the cake for my #1 Aritzia must-have.

Tna Extra Fleece Mega Sweatpant

anddd the Cozy Fleece Mega Sweatpants. I only wear these sweatpants now, all of my other sweatpants are stuffed away in the back of my closet catching dust. I have a few pairs of the extra fleece and a few pairs of the cozy fleece and wow. The extra fleece is a little thicker than the cozy fleece, and the cozy fleece is a little bit lighter / softer. I am living in a dorm right now and my friend was taking my laundry out of the drier for me and she came running to my room asking where I got these sweatpants from because they are such good quality.

Somehow all the photos of me wearing these pants are just in the sage green color so I included a photo of the grey ones from their website. These range from $60-$80, they will go on sale sometimes so definitely be on the look out.

Tna COZYAF Mega Crew Sweatshirt

This goes hand in hand with the sweatpants. These are the only sweatshirts I wear now, I have 5 of them matching my sweatpants. I can easily do a monochrome look or mix and match colors. I have no photos of me wearing them though so I will attach photos from the website. These crewnecks come in sizes 1, 2, and 3, and have an oversize fit. Personally I have all 3 sizes and they are all oversized on me. I am 5’4.5 and normally wear a size 0-2 in clothing just for reference. Size 1 is oversized but if I were a little bigger I would probably opt for a bigger size in terms of my preference of bagginess. This sweatshirt is $80.

Wilfred Free Pisces Sweatpant

I just recently got these last week, but I am currently wearing them as I write this. They are so soft, cozy and lightweight. I wear them to bed and wore them out yesterday with a cropped black hoodie and black tank top. They are a great way to make your loungewear look a little less sluggish. Not to mention, they are extremely flattering. I have two pairs, one in black and the other in gray. The one thing I will say is to wash the black ones first because the first time I wore them I sat on my white comforter and got black fuzz everywhere. They are available in over 10 colors and also come in a cropped length. These are high-rise, wide-leg sweatpants with a cinch-able drawcord waist.

TnaBUTTERâ„¢ Atmosphere Hi-Rise 7″ Short

I have been hesitant about biker shorts in the past but these changed my mind in a heartbeat. Available in 3″ 5″ and 7″ the TnaButter biker shorts are the ones to beat. I also tried the TnaChill ones and I was not a fan compared the these. The TnaButter shorts are the softest material I have ever felt; they truly are like butter. For years, my go to leggings have been the Lululemon Aligns because I could not find any other pair that had the soft buttery feel. I hate to say it but the TnaButter fabric is better. I have yet to try the leggings in this fabric but if they are anything like the shorts then I am buying all of them. This is my most recent Aritzia Must-Haves, I have one pair in black but am about to run to their website to get more. I have the 7″ but they are a little long for my liking and so I am probably going to stick with 5″ from now on.

If you love these items as much as I do or decide to purchase them after reading this, please let me know in the comments below!

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