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Eliminate Maskne For Good: Maskne Treatments & Tips

Whether you are a teen in the peak of puberty or an adult who thought your woes of acne were long behind you, maskne does not discriminate against its victims. In the post, you will learn different maskne treatments as well as maskne prevention tips. To avoid and treat this issue, first, we need to understand it.

What is maskne?

Mask Acne. Living during Covid-19 masks and face coverings have become an essential part of our daily living. Although masks are vital for our health and well-being, our skin might not be the biggest fan. Having a mask on your face all day with moisture and bacteria trapped against your skin has been causing a lot of breakouts for people, i.e. maskne.

Maskne can manifest in many forms. It can cause a typical break out, fungal acne, textured skin, or redness and irritation.

What causes it?

As mentioned, maskne presents itself in many ways and so the exact causes vary.

The umbrella cause is clogged pores. Everyday, your skin produces oil, sheds skin cells, and is exposed to bacteria. When you put a mask on all these factors, everything builds up and gets trapped. Now, add in the humidity caused by your breath, sweating, and an occasional cough or sneeze, and you have the perfect recipe for pimples.

The other cause for issues like dryness and irritation is the friction of your mask against your skin.

Maskne Prevention:

Choose a mask that is right for you.

I am a big fan of Slip Silk Masks because they are soft on my skin and are anti-bacterial. Click here to read about the benefits of silk for not only your face but your hair as well! There are many other masks targeted towards acne-prone skin that help minimize bacteria and moisture. Find one that works for you.

Wash your face regularly.

You should be washing your face every morning and night regardless of a pandemic. Now, you should also make washing your face after you wear a mask a routine habit. All the build-up and bacteria that have been trapped under your mask should be cleaned away as soon as possible.

Wash your mask after every use.

If you opt for reusable masks rather than disposables (which is much better for the environment) DO NOT re-wear a mask without washing it first. Since I am wearing a mask every day, I have a mask for every day of the week. Every weekend I then wash them all at once so I have fresh clean masks for every wear.

If you are using disposables, make sure you toss them after every use.

Do not apply makeup under your mask.

Foundation, concealers, and powders will only worsen your maskne during this time period. You do not need an extra layer of stuff that will clog your pores under your mask.

Maskne Treatments:

Update your skincare routine.
  • Use a noncomedogenic moisturizer

it is important to keep your skin hydrated to avoid any irritation but it is equally important that your moisturizer will not clog your pores. There are already so many layers of moisture under your mask and your moisturizer should provide an extra barrier of protection not a part of the problem.

  • Use a chemical peel once a week

Using a chemical peel / exfoliator every week will breakdown dead skin cells and clean them away so they don’t clog your pores.

I also use BHA and AHA in my skincare routine to gently exfoliate on a daily basis.

Pimple Patches

Now more than ever pimple patches have been a skincare essential for me. Incorporating pimple patches into your routine will help heal any open pimples and prevent you from picking at them. They also provide a protective barrier between an already irritated breakout and your mask.

Cortisone Cream

If you have sensitive skin and/or are dealing with irritation, try using a gentle cortisone cream along with a moisturizer containing ceramides. This will soothe your skin from any itching or irritation.

Hopefully, you have learned some maskne treatments and prevention tips that you can benefit from. Fighting Covid-19 does not mean you cannot fight pesky breakouts under your mask. Remember to stay safe and wash your face!

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