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5 Ways to Style a Sweater Vest

Sweater vests are back in style and I am here for it. They have become a wardrobe essential as well as a key item for layering. Perfect for all seasons (okay maybe not summer) sweater vests are extremely versatile items. Below are four different ways to style a sweater vest + some sweater vest outfit inspiration. At the bottom, I have included the three sweater vests that I own and that I love.

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On top of an oversized dress shirt

This first look might be my favorite. An oversized sweat vest over a dress shirt or button-down t-shirt dress is so cute and so chic. This outfit goes great with below-the-knee boots and doc martin style boots.

Any Sweater Vest (cropped or oversized) + Your Favorite Tennis Skirt

Want a more sporty look? Pair a cropped sweater vest with a white t-shirt, tennis skirt, and sneakers. The possibilities are endless with this combination.

As a top

Wear your sweater vests into the spring by wearing them as tops. Cropped sweater vests work better as tops compared to oversized ones in my opinion but work with what you got. Cropped sweater vests + mom jeans = a classic 70s inspired outfit.

Paired with fun pants

Have some fun with this! Experiment with spring colors and incorporate them into your outfit with pants. Leather pants also go great with sweater vests and are definitely a go-to outfit for me.

Make a statement with it

Be bold, make your sweater vest the center of attention. Patterned and bright colored sweater vests are the statement pieces your wardrobe didn’t know it needed

Sweater vests I have purchased and LOVE

I love these sweater vests, especially the two oversized ones because of how soft they are!

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