6 Things No One Tells You About Moving to New York

I have never lived anywhere other than Boston and boarding school until now. Last week I hopped on a plane to New York City and officially moved into my apartment on the lower east side. Although I have only lived here a week, there are many things I have learned that I was not expecting. While the title of this article is “6 things no one tells you about moving to new york” truly these are 6 things no one told me (or they did tell me and I chose to ignore them). 

It smells like vomit… everywhere.

I really hope this is a smell that goes away once fall starts because I do not think I will ever not gag because of it. 

Taxes suck

The sales tax here, at least compared to Boston or NH, is through the roof. The sales tax in NYC is almost 9% and I am not here for it.

Hair appointments are expensive, and not easy to come by

Getting a haircut here is almost twice the cost compared to back home, and you need to book much farther in advance. Because of this, I will be waiting until I return home before getting my hair done again. 

The city destroys your shoes

I learned this the hard way even though I was very much warned. The first night I was here I went out with my roommate who moved in prior to me. I wore my favorite white boots and I am still trying to figure out how to clean them. Designate an old boot or sneakers to be your ‘going out’ shoe. I would recommend a comfy stylish sneaker that you like but also are okay with getting dirty. I have a few pairs of Vejas that I love but could definitely invest in some new ones, which makes my old ones perfect for when I go out in the future.

Getting around can be expensive

Uber prices are inconsistent and are not cheap. You better bring some good walking shoes because you will break the bank otherwise. Citi bikes are a much cheaper way of getting around and are quicker than walking. Be very aware of your surroundings though if you chose to bike because drivers here will hit you and not feel bad about it.

People really do not give a fuck here

On my first day of class a girl showed up in a lace bra as her shirt, and might I say she was rocking it. Everyone does their own thing in New York City and no one gives a fuck about what others or doing, or what others think of them. It is awesome but also a little bit of a culture shock. 

It is only my first week here and there is still a lot I will learn. I am excited to post my apartment once I finish decorating it a little bit more. 

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