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The Best White Cowboy Boots For Spring and Summer 2022

The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, and the colors are getting brighter. Spring is finally upon us! I typically dread dressing for warmer weather. Spring fashion, in my opinion, is much more limited than in the fall, but I am genuinely excited this year. Now that I live in New York I need to walk more to prevent myself from completely breaking the bank. Therefore, I have been counting down the days for warmer weather. I am also more excited to branch out in my own personal style and wear bolder, more colorful pieces. Last summer/fall I was on a mission to find the perfect pair of cowboy boots. After months of trial and error, I feel it is safe to say I have found the best white cowboy boots that are perfect for this upcoming spring and summer.

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The Best White Cowboy Boots 2022

Best Short Cowboy Boots

Steve Madden Hayward White Leather Boots $159.95

Steve Madden’s Hayward Boots are finally back in stock after months of being sold out and you should run, not walk, to snag a pair. These were the first pair of boots I bought when I moved to New York and they truly have survived the NYC streets. They are comfortable with a low heel and incredibly cute.

Best Studded Boots

Solei Stud Boots In Off White Leather $295

Would this really be complete without the iconic Dolce Vita boots? Personally, I do not own these, but I have tried them on and they are what made me want to buy cowboy boots. I would have purchased these at the time but they were all sold out. These are classic, maybe a little basic, but they are hyped for a reason.

Best Overall Boots:

Stivali Macao Western-Inspired Cowboy Boots in Ivory Leather $340

My absolute go-to white boot is these cream Stivali cowboy boots. Last summer I bought these because I wanted to find a tall white pair when the Dolce Vita ones were sold out, and I am glad I did. I will most likely never buy boots from a different brand as these are the comfiest boots by far. These boots are extremely versatile. I wear them to work, class, going out you name it. They are on the more expensive side, but I am excited to tell you that I have a 10% off code Alexandra10 for you guys to use so you do not have to pay the full $340 as I did! Stivali is a small business based in Brooklyn and I highly encourage you to support them, they have great values and great boots!

If you love the popularity of cowboy boots as much as I do I hope you try out at least one of these boots. I promise they are worth it! For more cowboy boot content, leave a comment or like this post!

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